RYC Race Descriptions

RYC Club Races are of 2 types: Series Races and Trophy Races.

Series Races include: Spring Series – 6 races, Summer series – 6 races, and Frostbite series – 3 races.

The Spring and Summer series races are held in June, July, and August on Thursday evenings, starting at 6:30. The Frostbite Series is held on a weekend in early September, 2 races on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Each of these series has its own Trophy and each race result counts toward the overall season result for the Marcus Trophy.

The Trophy Races are held on weekends (usually Saturday, except Canada Day) and include:

  • Single-Handed Race—only the skipper, no crew
  • Long distance Race—approx 6-7 hours, downriver to Grand Bay or Kennebecasis Island and back to RYC
  • Great Ale Race—around Long Island (choose your own direction); one case of Moosehead entry fee per boat, winner gets 50% of the ale.
  • Canada Day Race—family event, held on Canada Day, around Long Island to Scouts Beach; decorate your boat !
  • Commodore’s Cup—around Long Island; the “premier” trophy race for RYC; has a HUGE trophy to get your name on.
  • Ancient Windbreakers Race—encourages “more mature” sailors to compete (skipper must be over 60)

The Single-Handed and Ancient Windbreakers races are held around the RYC Race Buoys used for the Series Races.

Starts and Timing

Each race held around the RYC Race Buoys uses a course selected an hour or so before the start and posted in the clubhouse with the “sign-up” sheet. The course is determined by the Race Director, based on wind speed /direction and tidal flow. Each race lasts about 90-120 minutes, depending on wind speed and time of year (shorter in late August). A race has 2 starts: 6:25 for less-experienced skippers and 6:30 for more-experienced. The course usually ensures a start in the upwind direction. An Air Horn and a Timekeeper at the clubhouse signal the Start and (individual) Finish times.