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[Last Updated: January 28, 2018]

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January 1 – The New Year’s Levee

Thanks to everyone who came out to the clubhouse on the cold New Year’s Day to celebrate the new year with your boating family. Thanks also to Paula Spicer for organizing the delicious variety of foods. The liquor and hors d-oeuvres stations were a very nice touch and an excellent idea to help promote mingling. There were nearly 60 members present. Next year we hope to see this number double. Please spread the word.

New for 2018 – Membership Feedback Survey Your feedback to us is important to the Board of Directors. To better understand members needs and priorities, we have created a new process to collect your feedback. As a board, we are establishing our spending priorities, for infrastructure around the club, but to date feedback from the membership has been minimal. Many yacht clubs and other organizations use surveys as a method of collecting feedback. Early in our 2018 season, we would like each member to participate in this brief survey and answer some questions stating your beliefs about the club. Results from this survey will influence our infrastructure projects and identify improvement areas. There are 5 questions in this survey should take no more than a couple of minutes to complete using a computer or phone. We will share the summary results next month. Please take a moment to take the survey by clicking here: Your computer or phone will be redirected to a web page.

Club Treasurer

The Board of The Rothesay Yacht Club is looking for a person to take on the exciting role as Club Treasurer. If you have some accounting knowledge we could use your help! The Club is a vibrant organization who wishes to continue building on our rich history both culturally and financially. We are a relatively small Club with roughly 125 members who each have an equal share in the Club and as such, we need everyone to share their time and talents to make the RYC thrive. If you have any accounting or finance background it’s your turn to step up and help us out! Please if you are interested contact Macgregor Grant or Donna Hennessey

De-Icer Anyone? Days are getting longer, and if you are like me, you are starting to prioritize your boat to do list. The de-icing thrusters are keeping the ice clear as much as possible, however a few poles will need to be re-piled by Thumper in the spring. We will also be replacing a few docks this spring and will require volunteers to help commission the system, A request will go out when we are closer to the spring launch date.

One thing we all need to be thinking about is safety on the docks with regards to power cords. Please remember to use a marine power cord - No household electrical cords. The yard staff has been instructed to remove any household cords if the see any on the dock. Also, remember to power off or unplug your cord Rothesay Yacht Club Board of Directors update from the electrical box when not in use. We have a sailing school at our club with young sailors in the water all the time, and we don’t want any electrical accidents caused by an electrical cord falling in the water. If you have any Berth change requirements, let me know, and I will do my best to accommodate. Will see you around the yard in the spring.

Mike Cosman
Dock and Berth Director

Key Dates from The Learn to Sail Director

Teaching Sailing:
Getting ready for the 2018 Learn to Sail season will begin shortly, we will start by accepting job applications for Sailing Instructors in mid-February. Anyone who is interested should forward their cover letter and resume to Margot Grant at by February 25th.

Key Dates for Learn to Sail:
Junior sailing sessions will kick off on Monday, June 25th and will run every two weeks until August 17th.

  • Session 1: June 25-July 6
  • Session 2: July 9- July 20
  • Session 3: July 23- August 3
  • Session 4: August 6- August 17
  • Wet feet dates are TBD
We will celebrate the summer with the Turnbull Cup tournament on Saturday, August 18th, and with the Final Banquet on Sunday, August 19th. Adult sailing lessons will start on Tuesday, June 26th and run for 6 weeks, every Tuesday evening from 6-9pm.

Registration for Learn to Sail:
We are hoping to launch online registration this year to ease the process on all ends. Details to follow. Thanks, Margot

Anyone Missing a Saw? Bruce Hurst has found a nice reciprocating saw that was left on his keel. If anyone is missing one please contact Bruce at He has been keeping it safe for you

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