Location & Map

Address & Phone

8 Wharf Rd
Rothesay, NB E2E 5X1
(506) 847-7245

Longitude & Latitude

Lat. 45deg 23min 37s
Lon. 65deg 59min 56s


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Sailing Directions
Kennebecasis Bay - Rothesay

Kennebecasis Bay and the Kennebecasis River from where it joins the Saint John River is 14 miles in length, 2.6 miles wide at one place with depths as great as 204 ft. Traveling in a ENE direction will take you to the entrance to Rothesay Yacht Club.

A ferry operates from a point midway between Burnt Island and Sandy Point, to a terminal on the opposite shore, 0.5 mile NE of McColgan’s point. This is the only ferry on the Saint John River system that is not cable-operated.

Approaching RYC Troop Reef is a shoal area extending 0.4 mile from the head of an open bight known as Sandy Beach Cove 1.8 miles NE from Torryburn Point. An isolated spot with a depth of 6ft (1.8m) over rock lies near its outer edge and is marked with a starboard-hand buoy.

The entrance to the club is marked with a Fairway Buoy with a green flashing light off Henderson’s Point and a white flashing light on a small skeleton tower on the end of the breakwater. Care must be taken entering the area from the South where Rothesay Rock is marked with a starboard-hand buoy. There are many moorings in this area also.

There is an unloading dock situated on the East side of the breakwater.